If You’re Not Having Fun You’re Doing It Wrong

Teacher evaluations, Danielson, Common Core, State Tests, Quality Review, State Reviews, Common Core Curriculum…stressed yet? Everywhere I have been going the past few weeks, I can feel it in the air. Walking into a school building, I have literally felt the the knots in my back forming, the pressure is building on teachers. I was recently in a meeting with Kindergarten teachers and we were planning some shared reading, their QR was around the corner and running records were sprawled across the table, I think nobody in the room had any nails left from all the biting. I stopped myself for a second, we were planning shared reading in Kindergarten! If shared reading in Kindergarten isn’t fun, well then we have to be doing it wrong. I decided we needed to take a minute to have some fun with the kids. If reading loses joy in Kindergarten, what hope do the middle schoolers have?

We went into a classroom and made a book about hair, after all the kids commented on my wildly curly hair and asked me “how do you get your hair so wiggly?” (I was in Chinatown, where curly hair is not usually seen)

We had tons of fun making it interactive writing style, then did some shared reading with it, and ended by putting copies in kids book baggies for them to read over and over again. It was a blast, and I believe we also taught some reading.


Please have fun today….and make a book!


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