I failed my diet but my kids are reading!

As the year comes to an end, habits start to slip. Things we once did with vigilance, suddenly turn into “opps it is 10 p.m. and I haven’t gone to the gym yet”. The weather is warmer, there are new episodes of Game Of Thrones, and everywhere I look I can see an end of school year countdown. Some teachers post them on their doors, some cross out in their plan books, and some have a large class one that doubles as a way to teach kids to count backwards. Call it spring fever, post-test antsy pants or end of year itches…habits are slipping.

It is often hard to think about today, when every meeting is titled “planning for next year”, “creating 2013-2014 pacing calendars” or even “summer institute planning”. However, if teaching has taught me anything, it is that everyday counts. We need to not think “19 more days, just get through 19 more days”, but think of the possibilities of what kids you learn in 19 days! That is longer than a fruit flies entire life.

Everyone has things they do to jump start their diet or exercise program. For me it is often getting a new app to track my exercise and eating (I am on my 7th this year). My husband buys a new work out outfit (for once I have the cheaper habit!). My every now and then it is time to reboot the routine to keep focused.

My plea to you is to try a routine booster. Make the last stretch the best. Just like I find that little last crumb at the bottom of my cheetos bag, squeeze the last bit out of this year. That could also explain why I am on my 7th fitness app of the year.

Routine Booster # 1 GET NEW BOOK BAGGIES – New running shoes always make me a run a bit longer so I can stretch them in and show them off. Why not book baggies.


Routine Booster # 2 BRING OUT SOME NEW BOOKS – Refresh your library is a great way to invigorate your readers. If you have exhausted all your books this year, find a friendly neighbor, especially the grade above as many of your readers are probably getting ready for the grade above books anyway.


Routine Booster #3 FRESH AIR – Especially in New York, since I have begun to count the breeze when a subway car whooshes by as fresh air, it is time to get out. Reading outside can be invigorating and that is why they created glare free screens!


Routine Booster # 4 WHAT WOULD PIGEON DO? – ¬†When pigeon wants to drive the bus, does he ask once then give up? Does he ask until almost the end and then say “fine i’ll walk”, nope. Pigeon keeps trying and trying and trying and that is what we will do!


Routine Booster # 5 CHANGE YOUR SPOT – Sometimes I get really crazy and go to a different elliptical machine at the gym. What can I say, I live on the edge? Try a different reading spot!


Good luck with your last reading boost. You wouldn’t leave chips at the bottom of the bag, so don’t leave your class without that last bit of teaching!