Summer is time to reboot, rest and shop!

When I think about summer, I think lemonade, tans, sleeping late, lobster rolls, clam bakes, trips to the shore (I may be thinking about a Reese Witherspoon movie, I usually work at a camp or now teach summer institutes). Whether you do spend your summer eating lobster in the hamptons, doing head counts of 6 year olds at the pool, or teaching summer institutes, one thing is for sure….it is shopping season.

As we pack up our classrooms we may notice that some favorite books are now missing pages, or some of the favorites may be completely missing (don’t panic, that student just couldn’t bear to go on vacation without their favorite book, it means you taught them to love reading). Either way it is a good time to discover new reads and new products and spend hours in the book stores browsing. 

I just came back from my first shopping trip of the season. I picked up some new copies of books that were falling apart, some new finds, and some classroom supplies, because who does’t love giant post-its.

1. The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Appelgage *warning – have tissues nearby


2. Wonder by R.J. Palacio



3. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by James Dean – Great for shared reading!



4. Ralph Tells A Story by Abby Hanlon – Great for reluctant writers, I think this author was in my classroom for writing workshop.



5. The Superstorm Sandy Hurrican by Josh Gregory – A great nonfiction text that the kids can really relate to (especially new york kids).



6. Speech Bubble and Thought Bubble Post-its – Making the reluctant post-iters excited.



7. Finger lights – Put them on to light up the words as they read, helping kids develop one to one matching, leave spaces between the words, and pretending to be a jedi.



8. Maribu Pens – This is just because they are so cute, I couldn’t help myself.



I stopped myself there. Having some self control is necessary so you can still buy yourself cute shoes. The first shopping trip of the season already has me thinking of all the great lessons and work I can do next year. Happy shopping and don’t forget your coupons and teacher discounts!


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