You Gotta Keep Your Head Up, Oh Oh, You Can Let Your Hair Down, Eh Eh

Education in NYC right now is in an overwhelming and scary state.

I spent the Thursday studying the new teacher evaluation alongside my colleagues at TCRWP and representatives from the Danielson group. I tried to focus on understanding the teacher eval system as email after email from administrators poured in about how and when to administer the MOSL’s, what to do about their growing class size, how are the evaluating special education, what is the word on the test this year etc… I left the day with my head down and feeling overwhelmed about how I could help schools swim through these muddy waters.

That’s when the genius of Andy Grammer spoke to me via the loud ipod from the guy sitting next to me on the subway. As the lyrics played “you gotta keep your head up oh oh, and you can let your hair down eh eh” my attitude shifted. If this song can make my attitude shift and get me inspired, what about the kids? I quickly added to my playlist as soon as I got above ground and able to get my 3G up and going.

After listening to the song a few times, my Kindergarten teacher self kicked in. This song is full of sight words, and ryhmes! This song has rhythm and a great theme! (predict what I will do next, using all you know about me)


Write it out on chart paper and have yourself a little sing along, and always remember – You gotta keep your head up oh oh and you can let your hair down eh eh! No matter what happens with politics and the DOE this year, we have little ones coming into our rooms every day, and we can’t lose focus on what is important for them. We have to make our classrooms full of joy and fun and learning.