Self Assessing Using Rubrics!



1. My new favorite thing to do is to create student facing rubrics with students so they can watch them being made, participate and gain ownership of them and determine their own next steps.

2. They are fabulous to use for inquiry lessons and inquiry based small groups.

3. Conferences where students can hold their work up to determine their own goals!


1. Look at student work

2. Decide of what skill you would like to break down into rubric form

3. Look at what students are doing with that skill and make some piles

4. Name exactly what students are doing with that skill and give and example

5. Add one or two levels are above even your highest students so they have something to aspire to


1. Make it super clear using kid friendly language

2. Have examples for each level

3. Make it touchable so kids can have copies, or come up to it or take it to their seats

Image Image



2 thoughts on “Self Assessing Using Rubrics!

  1. So crystal clear! Thanks for the directions because I know I always make rubrics TOO hard! Out of curiosity:
    How many skills have you done this for?
    Are you going to make a book of your rubrics? ❤

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